...the beauty of nature, the grace of sport and complexity of man captured on canvas.

How many times have you said to yourself, "I'd like a painting of this moment," or "Wouldn't this make for a wonderful painting?"

The details of specific events that often fade in our memory can be preserved through art.

The beauty of art is in the way it captures a moment in time. Unlike other art forms, a painting will also add depth to inaction. A painting's brush strokes will convey movement to the stillness, emotion to serenity and add texture in expressing life.

Montreal artist Andrea Lavoie expresses her love of nature, sports and humanity in her art. Her paintings are an expression of herself. The artwork found here is the product of her passions.

She combined her love of nature in a series dedicated to landscapes and seascapes in the summer of 2004.

In the summer 2006, Andrea displayed a new collection which married another passion to her art in an exhibition entitled: Sport! She believes that sport with all of its complexity is beautiful and is an art form in itself.

Her bold use of colors and textures allows Andrea the freedom to capture the energy, speed, mood and movement of the subjects. Each painting brings a vignette to life.

This a sample of Andrea's portraits
Andrea shows us nature through her eyes
Baseball Paintings
Baseball Paintings: Andrea Lavoie superbly brings to life America's game.
Hockey Paintings
Andrea vividly brings to life the passion, power and speed of hockey in this series of paintings.
Football Paintings
These warriors of the grid iron come to life through Andrea's series of football paintings.
Golf Paintings
The grace and power of Woods, Nicklaus,Player and Jones captured on canvas in a series of golf paintings.
The Beautiful Game
Auto Racing Paintings
Speed and power on ashphalt captured on canvas in this section: Auto Racing Paintings.
The speed of hockey, the tactics of soccer and the grace of balletin this section: Ringuette Paintings
From the hardcourt to the beach Andrea's adds her special talent to this fast pace game
Andrea's Biography
Andrea Lavoie's Biography
Past Events
Andrea Lavoie's past events
Contact information
This is where you can get the information to purchase a piece of art or take a class with Andrea
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